If your premises are dirty and your staff are sloppy and unprofessional, then the answer to the question is yes – you are wasting your promotion.

Your promotion can be good. Your products and services can be good. If your staff are sloppy and unprofessional and your place of business is messy or dirty, your business will struggle.

Think about it. You see an ad or receive a promotional mailing or emailing from a business and you decide you’re going to check them out. You arrive and the place is noticeably dirty. Do you want to stay? Do you want to give them your money?

What do you think when you walk into a business and though the space is neat and clean, the employees you meet look like they just rolled out of bed, having slept in the clothes they’re wearing? What if they don’t even seem to notice you walked in?

Still not convinced? How about this example: You’re in a restaurant. You’ve ordered. The staff are nice enough and the dining room looks pretty good. Then you have to use the restroom. When you do you find one or more of the following

  • The waste basket is overflowing and there are used paper towels on the floor around it…
  • You wash your hands and you find there are no more paper towels…
  • There is no toilet paper…

Kills the whole experience doesn’t it? For me that kind of thing could cost the restaurant a star on my Yelp review.

These things cause your promotion dollars to be wasted and hurt your brand.

Even if you can’t afford the most elegant furniture, carpeting or art work, you can always afford to dust, vacuum, sweep, mop and keep your restrooms supplied. If you can’t provide uniforms for your staff you can insist on specific standards of dress that include clean, pressed clothes.

When your business is a clean and comfortable place for your customers and your staff are neat, well-groomed and professional they will come back. They will more likely refer their friends and family.

It doesn’t take a business consultant to tell you whether or not your place of business is dirty, but there are other ways you might be wasting your promotion. Contact us for a free analysis of your promotion and its effectiveness 

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