dream big

To endure a business must be continually created by its owners, managers and its staff. To be clear, when I say create I mean the dictionary definition of the word. Here’s the definition in the Oxford Dictionary:

1 Bring (something) into existence
1.1 Cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions:

Here couple of helpful tips no matter what stage of growth your business might be in:

  • You have to create your business constantly. Anyone you hire has to buy into your vision for the company and create it along with you. A business that isn’t constantly being created begins to die and will close sooner or later.
  • You have to always manage your business to grow and expand. You cannot maintain a level status quo if your business is to survive. Why? Because there are a number of internal and external factors which are constantly pushing against your business and inhibiting its survival. Your creation of your business and your resulting management actions have to be greater than those factors. If they are your business grows and survives. If they aren’t your business dies.

Entrepreneurs and managers often cite the external factors affecting their business as the reasons the company is not doing as well as it was, or as well as it could be. The truth is they’re looking at the wrong side of the coin. The problem is they’re not sufficiently creating the business. You cannot hope to control the external factors that might impact your business. Don’t worry about them. Simply out-create them.

This brings me back to the first sentence above: To endure a business must be continually created by its owners, managers and its staff. You must be constantly reviewing and improving what you’re doing internally in your business. These are the things you have direct control over.

As an entrepreneur you might stop creating your business because the problems you are facing seem to be beyond your ability to handle due to lack of training or experience and you become overwhelmed. The key is to keep creating and get the help you need from someone who has the training or experience. No matter what, keep creating.