What is goodwill?

Simply stated goodwill is your business’ positive reputation with its various publics.


The above statement might be seen as meaning that goodwill is the result of PR actions. There’s some truth to that but PR is a relatively small part of generating and maintaining goodwill. What do you need to do to generate a ton of goodwill for your business?

  1. Provide outstanding value to your customers. This means that your product or service must be the highest possible quality for the price you charge. Using cars as an example, if you’re buying the lowest priced car on the market, you’re not going to expect luxury features. What you should expect is high reliability, acceptable comfort and solid, if not outstanding, performance for the type of vehicle you’re buying. That would be an outstanding value. In the luxury car segment you’d expect incredible comfort, the latest technology, outstanding performance, and all kinds of special features not available in lower priced vehicles. To generate maximum goodwill your product or service should exceed your customers’ expectations.
  2. Make sure your customer experience is consistently exceptional and never let it vary. Your customers need to know what to expect when the do business with you. Their experience should be the same whether they’re dealing with Joe Jones or Sally Smith, the Los Angeles office or the New York office. A consistently great experience generates goodwill.
  3. Keep your office/store clean and your staff professional. This is vital. Bad manners turn people off. Dirty offices turn people off. These kinds of things will detract from the customer experience you’re trying to maintain. Make sure your staff have good manners, appear professional and that your place of business is clean.
  4. Now your PR actions will be effective. Your PR team can get wildly creative about ways to publicize your business and what you do and it will work because it will be built on results.

People will talk about your business. They will post about it on social media. They will write reviews about it on one or more websites. The above steps will ensure that what they write will be positive. Pay attention to these four points and your company’s reputation will grow and grow.