You remember the Dr Seuss book from your childhood, don’t you?

What I’m sure you didn’t realize as a kid is that it’s a terrific sales book.

Right about now you’re probably thinking, “You’ve lost your mind.”


I assure you I haven’t. Further, I can confidently say that if you follow Sam I Am’s example, you will sell more. I’ll break down the book for you.

Sam I Am presents himself and his name to the anonymous yellow-furred guy with the tall hat twice before he ever mentions his product. By the time Sam presents his product, Green Eggs and Ham, the prospect already knows who he is. It’s interesting that the prospect decided he didn’t like Sam from the get go. That didn’t deter Sam. Lots of prospects will decide they don’t like you and don’t want to talk to you because they do not want to be sold. It’s not you. It’s the fact that you’re selling something and you’re committing the ultimate sin of trying to sell it to them!

Sam offers the Green Eggs and Ham to the prospect and is immediately rejected. Sam offers it in a slightly different way and is again rejected and the prospect walks off down the road. Sam proceeds throughout the rest of the book to make his offer in various different ways in various different circumstances. Each time he is rebuffed by the prospect. Usually quite emphatically. The further into the story you go the longer and more adamant the rejection becomes. The prospect really wants to make it clear that he will not eat, will not try and does not like Green Eggs and Ham. The prospect gets annoyed at Sam. He tells Sam to leave him be. Yet Sam persists. Sam offers his customer the Green Eggs and Ham 13 times. He is rejected, often quite adamantly 13 times. Sam then makes his 14th pitch and is not rejected, the customer tries the product, likes it and thanks Sam.

Whether you’re a business owner or a company sales person, you would do well to keep Sam I Am in mind when selling to your customers. Sam knew Green Eggs and Ham were delicious. He knew the customer would like them if he tried them. In fact, from Sam’s point of view the customer had to try them. Sam didn’t let anything deter him. He knew that if he was sufficiently persistent, creative and persuasive the customer would benefit from trying his product. Thus he demonstrates a vital aspect of good salesmanship that rarely gets mentioned in sales texts. If you truly believe in your product, you can sell it to anyone. It’s as simple as that.

Want to increase your sales? Listen to Dr Seuss: Believe in your product completely. Establish some kind of connection with the prospect. Offer your product and don’t take no for an answer, be persistent and creative in continuing to offer your product to the prospect. You’ll get the sale. Your customer will thank you.