You can have a great marketing campaign, a good sales team, high revenue and yet your profits can be low or non-existent. If this is occurring in your business, the problem is likely an internal one.

“Developed Traffic” can cost you up to two thirds of the efforts of your staff and executives. An equivalent statement would be that your staff and executives are about one third as effective and productive as they could be due to developed traffic. Even if you don’t have a staff, you could still have this problem, and be unaware of it, other than a lack of profits and the feeling that you’re overworked.

What is developed traffic? It’s unusual and unnecessary traffic that gets generated in a business for various reasons. Some of the reasons might be lack of organization within the company and staff not assigned to specific jobs for which they are responsible, lack of staff training, lack of established methods of routing of particles from one part of the company to the other, backlogs or even plan old laziness. These are just some examples. There can be other causes as well.

If it’s just you in your business, it’s possible you’re creating your own double work. I’ve done it myself…

When a business is not profitable despite the fact that it’s actively promoting and getting responses to its promotion, developed traffic should be looked for, and the causes of it found and handled. In this way a company can potentially increase sales and delivery without adding a single person to the payroll.

Are any of the these things going on in your business?

  • Leads not followed up resulting in lost sales
  • Slow service or order fulfillment
  • High payroll compared to revenue
  • Low profits
  • Less production than you would expect from the staff you have

If you have one or more of the above going on in your business, the problem could be developed traffic. We can help. Schedule a free consultation!